The world is filled with places that possess beauty which often seem to be a part of heaven. These places are perfect to escape with your loved ones and getting away with the mess of chaotic life. One of such places that offer beauty that is unmatched and can make anyone fall in love with it is Barbados. Barbados is a small island country located in the Lesser Antilles on the Caribbean of North America. Planning your holiday here would be one of the best decisions of your life and opting for houses for rent in Barbados is another one.

The beautiful small island is regarded highly in terms of its rich history and culture. It is amongst a very few places in America that have a British influence for the most part. Coming down to the wonder the city possess then one will run out of words in describing them aptly. The long-running beaches with white sand, the parks, reserves, gardens, monuments dating back to old time, the mixture of past and present and what not, everything about Barbados is matchless. The most part of the beauty of this island can be found either on the beaches or in the small town/cities that have kept the beauty of Barbados from being lost amongst the modernity. One should definitely visit these few town/cities to know what actual Barbados is like.

Here, we have compiled a list of town/cities that one must visit to explore the real beauty of the island country.


Bathsheba is one of the most important towns in Barbados despite being small. It is perhaps the only place where the majority of people are indulged in old-time practicing fishing. The small town is set on the rocky surface of the east coast. The beaches here are clean and offer stunning views. All the beaches located here in this small town have white sandy beaches and the local food is a must try here. You may get to eat local Barbados cuisine in all over the island, but the ones served here still carries the authentic taste.

The life of Bathsheba is unique and great too. Unlike most of the town and cities, people here stay calm and know how to enjoy themselves with whatever they have. Most of the locals turn to beaches to spend their weekends with their family. The beaches here are also famous for being a sight of playing dolphins and whales. When you are taking a tour of this small fishing town, make sure to check out on some attraction like Flower Forest and Cotton Tower.


The name of the place is also interesting for it is derived from the narrow stretch chosen by the settlers to land. Though the reason has gone way too earlier, the name still remains the same is reminding people of its foundation. Holetown is one of the oldest towns in the entire country and it features St. James Parish Church. The population of the town is comparatively lesser and merely 1,500 people live here. This makes the place stay quiet and ideal for those looking for a silence and peace. You can hit the beach to bask in the serenity and also make your visit to the Folkestone Marine Park. The Holetown monuments and Sir Frank Houston Sugar Museum are places that you shouldn’t miss on. There are plenty of bars, cafes, and restaurants in the town where you can try the local food along with a glass of beer.

Turner’s Hall Wood

This is one of the most amazing places which you should visit anyhow. The place is entirely devoted to nature and is a natural reserve. The place is a heaven for those who love trekking and here you can turn your passion into reality. The entire place is filled with rare to be seen trees and which stay peculiar to this reserve park. The place offers a little glimpse of what Barbados was like at the initial time. Some of the trees that you will see here include trumpet tree, silk cotton, sandbox, and fustic. The place is famous amongst trekkers for years now and even Queen Elizabeth II took up the trekking and visited the trail here.


Oistins is a small yet a sedate coastal area which is one of its kinds in the entire country. The place offers extremely beautiful scenery to its visitors and the ones living there always enjoy the same. The entire population is somewhere 2,285 and in the recent times, the place has risen to popularity amongst the tourists. The place follows a Friday ritual and offers something special to their guests. Tourists can enjoy alcohol and fish fries along with dancing on the beach. Must visit the Enterprise Beach and also make sure to dive to spot seahorses. You can also indulge in different activities like pubbing.

Barbados is a small island country that is one of its kinds in the entire continent. The country enjoys high popularity along with its rich history and culture which it has been able to retain. Every town, village, city, beach, coastal region, and others have something unique to offer to their tourists. Now you may know that why many people include Barbados in their list of must-visit places once in a lifetime, and if you don’t then make a plan to visit the country and discover yourself.


A jungle safari will give you an opportunity to get allured by Mother Nature and experience the essence natural habitat. Therefore, enjoyment and safety are the two pillars behind a successful expedition. Jungle safari packages offer you a chance to stay in the wild and enjoy the serene beauty of nature. You can opt for safari tours, which are reasonable and offer value-for-money services.

This article is all about few tips that will make your trip more adventurous and worthy. Plan a jungle safari when the jungle brims with life. Most of the accommodation options like lodge and guest houses offer laundry services, so you can pack light when you are on jungle safari. During safari, you may put on T-shirts, fleece jacket, cargo pants and water-proof pants. Khaki, olive green and brown are the best colors that will not distract the wildlife as bright colors may scare the animals.

You may carry binocular and camera to enjoy and capture the eminent wildlife. You must be well equipped, so carry sun glasses, Bimmerdhat, dark glasses etc. It is also important to carry basic medications. If you are allergic to dust and animal fur, you must take along medicines and antiseptic cream. You may need a mosquito repellent and song player for recreation when you are not into the wild and are resting back at your camp or hotel.

You must follow the guide and his instructions. Avoid wearing glittering jewelries. Do not shout and make noise while you are on a safari. Try not to speak loud. Avoid leaving combustibles in the car. You must not offer eatables to animals and birds.

Maintain a safe distance from the animals during the safari. Drive slow and cautiously. Hiring a guide is recommendable as they can enrich your safari experience and let you see the prime locations and enjoy the richest fauna.

In case you are taking along infants or kids, take toys and books to keep them busy. The migration safari can be a great experience for kids as they can learn a lot about the environment and wildlife. They can be introduced to rich flora and fauna and can understand the importance of biodiversity.

Iran is a massive slab of Middle Eastern territory sandwiched between dangerous frontier of Afghanistan and Pakistan to the East, and Iraq to the East. Iran is a nation that suffers a serious image problem brought about by the tumult of its adjacent countries and bad international press, that is, sadly, at times true. The stigma of its official name Islamic Republic of Iran may effect on an amateur traveller some shuddering. But rest of the world perhaps remains mystified. Ever heard of Persian colours? This is a famous runner for Iran tourism promotions, and by being here in this vibrant nation of gold, red, and blue hues would enlighten the traveller as to why. Surely, anybody has heard of the Persian Gulf, where many battles were waged, or the blockbuster 300, which made waves in Iran more for the politics of the movie than the breakthrough in cinematography that it is. Just don’t cross to Iran via these aforementioned borders, or a mighty danger you’re getting yourself there.


Iran is one of those countries one needs to take for what it is, that is the “Land of attractions.” Iran is nothing like a sand dune with uninteresting land features, where political distress and violence are exclusive past times. The vast landscape of the 18th largest country in the world by territory with all sorts of natural scenery, offers warm arid deserts, cool humid forests, even cooler snow-capped rugged mountains, and flower-filled plains, all 1,648,000 km2 of Iranian territory. The Mt. Damavand is the highest point of the country at an altitude of 5671 metres, an ordeal and an excitement to trek. To be found in the Middle East, 35 40 N, 51 25 E, the climate is so diverse in terms of region: the heat and cold extremes of north summer and winters, respectively, and the subtropical climate along the Caspian coast. The high time to enjoy the beauty-laden nation is springtime (or fall) during which weather won’t be a concern, just the visa, which most nationalities can acquire at the airport for a validity of no more than a week.


Persians (or Iranians) refer to the modern population of Iran, specifically an ethnic group, as one might look back at its ancient name “Persia”. These people are an ancient and mysterious civilization like Egypt and China, and relevant a nation as the super powers United States and Germany, to which it was linked to for Hitler’s third Reich ideology and perverse use of “Aryan supremacy”. In truth, the Iranians are an especially sophisticated and intelligent people, who are taking baby steps toward riding with the world. A current issue however is how much of their traditions they are willing to give up to catch pace with the outside world, but with a literacy of around 80% of the population, we know they are well on their way to opening up. Persians are the dominant ethno-linguistic group that signifies more than 50% of the 70 million people, of which around 80% is the PERSIAN-speaker (also FARSI) demographic-one language out of more than 70 others. ENGLISH is a language of priority to business matters, particularly, and knowing how to speak English is synonymous to “literacy”. Also, children, as young as 7, learn the language, as English is, after all, the global language.

Australia’s well-maintained roads, high standard of healthcare, stable political system, and low crime rate make it relatively safe and easy nation to explore. Though, you need to be aware of some environmental hazards, like extreme desert heat, rough surf, and bushfires. You need to be prepared for hikes or long bushwalks, and outback journey, and take enough precautions to stay safe from poisonous animals like crocodiles, and sharks. With the following tips, you can have safe journey to Australia on a budget.

Know When to Visit the Country

Australian travelers are well aware of the great attractions- surfing at Bondi beach, climbing Harbor Bridge, scuba diving, Cold coast visit and exploring Great Ocean road. Seasons play a major key in determining when and where to go.

The country is vast, with cities from chilly, cold southern shores to central deserts and northern tropics. Most people plan their visit in summer season (Dec-Feb), when southeastern hubs of Brisbane, Melbourne, and Sydney are warm and sunny. Long balmy evening drives, outside cafeteria table overflow, party nights, swarm beaches, and many more locations are there to visit both on and off season. The shoulder-seasons- Mar/April or Oct/Nov is a better bet. Winter is the best time to explore central deserts and grey south areas, when the humidity and temperatures are bearable. But, if you don’t want to tax your pockets, try to avoid the peak season, and enjoy the offseason discounts.

Where to Go?

If you’re a person, who loves bookshops, live music, galleries, pubs, and good coffee, look no further than Melbourne. Sydney has world-class hotels and restaurants, cool bars, hot clubs, hip shops, and great surf beaches. Bushwalkers and nature buffs should visit Kakadu Nation Park in the Northern land, comprising of ancient Aboriginal rock art, wonderful crocodile terrain as well as raucous birdlife. Depending on the month you visit, if the climate is cooperative, you can also explore Kuringai National Park, Centennial Park, and Hyde Park. The main attraction of Australian lifestyle (surf, sand, and sun) is sure to take you to Bondi beach; however, be careful while parking your vehicle (as there are many offenders) or it’s better to travel in bus.

Getting Around

Unlike Europe or the USA, Australia does not have many big inland cities; so driving can involve huge distance from one spot to another. The domestic airlines are reliable and affordable and hence it’s better to fly. If you do not mind travelling or aren’t in a hurry, then take a road trip, exploring surf towns, beaches, and other places around Great Ocean Road.

Buy travel insurance, before you plan where to visit; shop around and look for the best tourist operator. When considering travel insurance, you should look for those operators, like who assure you reasonable rated coverage.

Stay Safe

The wildlife in Australia is something that you need to be aware of; in order to make your trip enjoyable and memorable, you can consider these safety tips. The constant sunshine is very strong; apply sunscreen lotion, wear sunglasses and hat, even during cloudy climates. Make sure to drink enough water to prevent dehydration.

You’ve just landed in Thailand, the most adulterous country in the whole world. And, while you’ve been following these top 10 Thai Instagrams leading up to your trip and have some semblance of a plan, you’re still not sure what exactly to hit while you’re there.

Well, allow us to make your planning a little easier with these 12 things you gotta do in Thailand that do not involve recreating your favorite scenes from The Beach.

Nagaland is connected to the rest of India by rail, bus and air services. The closest railway station is at Dimapur, 74 kms away from Kohima , you can get taxi to Kohima in front of the station. The airport is approximately 68 km to Kohima about 2.5 hours drive away. Almost all trains and buses come through Guwahati to Dimapur while some come through Dibrugarh and Jorhat which is also ideal for visits to northern Nagaland. You can also fly to Imphal in Manipur which is approximately 4 hours away by road from Kohima. Imphal is well connected to both Kolkata and Guwahati. There’s much more detail below about travelling to Nagaland and the different methods of travel.

  1. travel by air:Travelling by air is by far the quickest way to reach Nagaland and many travellers opt to fly here rather than travelling overland.There are regular flights to and from Dimapur on the border with Assam. Dimapur is the ideal entry point for those travellers who wish to head up to Kohima for the Hornbill festival in December or to visit the area in and around Kohima, perhaps for the WW2 cemetery or the Angami villages of Khonoma, Kigwema and Tuophema.Alternatively, combining air and rail travel by flying to Guwahati in Assam and onwards by rail to Dimapur is a popular option with many visitors to Nagaland. This journey from Guwahati to Dimapur takes around 5 hours. You will need to book tickets at Indian Railways or buy your ticket locally at the station which can be found at Pan Bazaar, Station Rd, Mawhati, Paltan Bazaar, Guwahati, Assam 781001. Travel by bus is also possible and an overnight journey takes around 10 – 12 hours. Tickets can be bought in advance at Network Travels online or again bought locally at Network Travels, 17, GS Road, Paltan Bazaar, Guwahati, Assam 781008. Network Travels phone number is +91 361 260 5335.
  2. You can travel from Kolkata to Dimapur, in Nagaland by rail. The journey takes around 24 hours or more.

    The only direct train that operates every day is:
    15959 KAMRUP EXPRESS operated by Indian Railways

    Departs HOWRAH JN (HWH) at 5:35 PM and arrives in Dimapur at 9:25 PM next day.
    A 23hour 08minute journey for (at the time of writing) Rs. 520 upto Rs. 2145.
    This train continues to Dibrugarh for those wishing to travel to the North of Nagaland.

    On Wednesdays there are 2 additional direct trains.
    Departs HOWRAH JN (HWH) at 2:25 PM and arrives in Dimapur at 1:52 PM next day.
    A 23hour 27minute journey for (at the time of writing) Rs. 540 upto Rs. 2100.
    This train continues to Dibrugarh for those wishing to travel to the North of Nagaland.

    After reaching Dimapur, either by rail or air, it is possible to get a shared taxi from Dimapur railway station to Kohima (approx Rs 250) or Mon (approx Rs 700). Most taxis to Mon leave early in the morning as the journey is around 10 – 12 hrs.

    From Kohima it is possible to get shared taxis and local buses to most destination in Nagaland on on-wards to the other North Eastern states.

    It is becoming increasingly popular to cycle to Nagaland. We have recently hosted guests from the UK who have cycled from London to Singapore and passing through Nagaland and Manipur and then into Myanmar. You can find out more about this on the Cycling Without Borders Facebook site.

    We’ve also hosted a motorcyclist on his travels through Nagaland by road, Paul Erdmann from Germany who did B to B – Bangkok to Berlin. His facebook site has more information.

Create a listing before packing. List everything you’ll pack inside your suitcase in a single column, and what you know you’ll need on the way to keep your family comfortable within the other column. When packing your carry-on keep it as being light little as you possibly can. Together with my laptop and earphones (a lot of entertainment potential), It’s my job to pack a little stuffed toy…named “Patch”, a little box of crayons, a couple of coloring pages, a few thin paperback picture books, along with a couple convenient snacks (fruit leather is ideal for traveling). Gum can also be something I usually carry, it will help painful pressure from accumulating inside your child’s ears. Since I Have hardly ever give my daughter gum otherwise, it is a unique treat she associates with traveling.

Budget your in-flight goodies. Offer something totally new, only if it appears necessary anything you avoid using in this flight, is going to be something totally new you are able to offer throughout the next flight. We travelled first once one factor I observed could be that the flight family and friends had their timing lower so the passengers weren’t left feeling there is what you needed, which made the flight appear much shorter that things i was utilized to. I made the decision to recreate exactly the same experience in my family in ways we’re able to afford. If my laptop is not available, I order the in-flight video player. When we order food, I select something which can extend, often a fruit/cheese plate if available. A proper, fun snack could keep your son or daughter happy more than a fast meal they might or might not like.

I love to pack the night time before and each morning, hit the floor running. Timing is essential with regards to checking in and scheduling your connecting flights. You have to make certain you permit yourself lots of time to cope with security and reach your gate, but simultaneously your don’t wish to appear so early that you simply finish track of a bored/restless child even before you get on the flight. For those who have connecting flights single-2 hour layover is a superb chance for your family to stretch your legs. Browsing art displays can provide plenty of physical and visual stimulation to ensure that they’re from becoming bored. On the recent trip, my daughter and that i were scheduled to visit each day after my hubby. It was my second time traveling on your own with my daughter I evaluated our last trip and created a brand new plan. The only real time we quit moving was throughout the flights (she rested through each of them). Whenever we showed up in in the hotel, my daughter gave my hubby a large hug, smiled, and stated “Father, we ran completely to San antonio!”

People are crazy about taking selfies all over the place they like a bit also. Taking selfies in different poses is the latest trend, in our lifestyle and so this has been added as an educational and professional subject in many institutes. Big thanks to the IT world, they brought up such a nice technology so that taking our pics is so much fun and easy. Now no one has to say, Excuse me! Can you please take a photograph of our group. You just need 3 things to take the best selfie- higher megapixel front camera, a great selfie stick and an amazing background. So here are top 5 places around the world with cool ideas where you can take most stunning selfies of yours.

1. Burj Khalifa

Burj Khalifa is the tallest man-made skyscraper consist of 123 floors. Isn’t it exciting standing on the top of the 123rd floor and taking a selfie while covering the whole gold city. This experience with a pose, will make you mesmerized and will give you a breathtaking view.

2. AntelopeCanyon
Taking a selfie in the mid of colourful rock formation, is a cool idea and will give you immense pleasure and excitement. This colourful rock formation is made up from eroding rivers and streams sandstone.
3. Mendenhall Ice Caves in Juneau
Global warming can add some extra effects to you selfie because of it glacier in Alaska is melting down which led them forming opulent ice caves. Taking selfie in front of the big falling ice chunks is a knockout thing.
4. Chittorgarh fort
India is full of its beautiful place all around the country. This is among one of them largest fort in the Indian subcontinent. Fort is such a huge which will give your selfie a background of scenery kind of effect.
5. Cape Town

Beach is a perfect place for your selfies. This is the best beach with Mediterranean climate throughout. Sometimes at Cape Town Penguins can become your selfie partner.

What you are waiting for just go take your phone and selfie sticks and start clicking your selfies at these beautiful places.