Mostly beautiful towns or cities to visit in Barbados


The world is filled with places that possess beauty which often seem to be a part of heaven. These places are perfect to escape with your loved ones and getting away with the mess of chaotic life. One of such places that offer beauty that is unmatched and can make anyone fall in love with it is Barbados. Barbados is a small island country located in the Lesser Antilles on the Caribbean of North America. Planning your holiday here would be one of the best decisions of your life and opting for houses for rent in Barbados is another one.

The beautiful small island is regarded highly in terms of its rich history and culture. It is amongst a very few places in America that have a British influence for the most part. Coming down to the wonder the city possess then one will run out of words in describing them aptly. The long-running beaches with white sand, the parks, reserves, gardens, monuments dating back to old time, the mixture of past and present and what not, everything about Barbados is matchless. The most part of the beauty of this island can be found either on the beaches or in the small town/cities that have kept the beauty of Barbados from being lost amongst the modernity. One should definitely visit these few town/cities to know what actual Barbados is like.

Here, we have compiled a list of town/cities that one must visit to explore the real beauty of the island country.


Bathsheba is one of the most important towns in Barbados despite being small. It is perhaps the only place where the majority of people are indulged in old-time practicing fishing. The small town is set on the rocky surface of the east coast. The beaches here are clean and offer stunning views. All the beaches located here in this small town have white sandy beaches and the local food is a must try here. You may get to eat local Barbados cuisine in all over the island, but the ones served here still carries the authentic taste.

The life of Bathsheba is unique and great too. Unlike most of the town and cities, people here stay calm and know how to enjoy themselves with whatever they have. Most of the locals turn to beaches to spend their weekends with their family. The beaches here are also famous for being a sight of playing dolphins and whales. When you are taking a tour of this small fishing town, make sure to check out on some attraction like Flower Forest and Cotton Tower.


The name of the place is also interesting for it is derived from the narrow stretch chosen by the settlers to land. Though the reason has gone way too earlier, the name still remains the same is reminding people of its foundation. Holetown is one of the oldest towns in the entire country and it features St. James Parish Church. The population of the town is comparatively lesser and merely 1,500 people live here. This makes the place stay quiet and ideal for those looking for a silence and peace. You can hit the beach to bask in the serenity and also make your visit to the Folkestone Marine Park. The Holetown monuments and Sir Frank Houston Sugar Museum are places that you shouldn’t miss on. There are plenty of bars, cafes, and restaurants in the town where you can try the local food along with a glass of beer.

Turner’s Hall Wood

This is one of the most amazing places which you should visit anyhow. The place is entirely devoted to nature and is a natural reserve. The place is a heaven for those who love trekking and here you can turn your passion into reality. The entire place is filled with rare to be seen trees and which stay peculiar to this reserve park. The place offers a little glimpse of what Barbados was like at the initial time. Some of the trees that you will see here include trumpet tree, silk cotton, sandbox, and fustic. The place is famous amongst trekkers for years now and even Queen Elizabeth II took up the trekking and visited the trail here.


Oistins is a small yet a sedate coastal area which is one of its kinds in the entire country. The place offers extremely beautiful scenery to its visitors and the ones living there always enjoy the same. The entire population is somewhere 2,285 and in the recent times, the place has risen to popularity amongst the tourists. The place follows a Friday ritual and offers something special to their guests. Tourists can enjoy alcohol and fish fries along with dancing on the beach. Must visit the Enterprise Beach and also make sure to dive to spot seahorses. You can also indulge in different activities like pubbing.

Barbados is a small island country that is one of its kinds in the entire continent. The country enjoys high popularity along with its rich history and culture which it has been able to retain. Every town, village, city, beach, coastal region, and others have something unique to offer to their tourists. Now you may know that why many people include Barbados in their list of must-visit places once in a lifetime, and if you don’t then make a plan to visit the country and discover yourself.


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