Learning to Manage Fear of Seeing the Dentist

Have you ever tried to get a child to sit still at a dentist’s office? It is like pulling teeth. Pun intended! I understand children seem to naturally be afraid of dentists. After all, they can give shots and pull teeth. I was scared as a kid when my parents took me to the dentist. In fact, I was awful. I cried and screamed. I think our daughter has inherited my fears of the dentist. However, we found a childrens dentist in Wollongong that works perfectly with her. She just needed some positive experiences with the dentist to build confidence for returning for her braces.

She was so scared of the dentist that she brushed, flossed and used her dental rinses twice a day no matter what. She never missed brushing her teeth at least twice per day. Sometimes she would brush after each meal. She did that at home, and would only miss it when she was having lunch out or at school. The problem was that she inherited my crooked teeth too. I needed braces as a child. I was scared to get them, but I was glad I had done it after seeing the results.

She finally was able to sit for the procedure to put in the braces. There were tears. Not because of pain but the fear of having pain. She, like me, could not fully trust the dentist to not cause pain. I used to be terrified that the dentist would slip or make a mistake. I am not so much like that anymore, but I do have my moments. When I had to have a filling, the thought of the drill sent me into a panic. I was breathing hard and fast and clenching the arms of the dental chair like I was on the scariest roller coaster ride ever.